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ODA/ODIF, Abk. für Open Document Architecture/Open Document Interchange Format. ISO-Standard 8613, nach dem Bürodokumente zwischen heterogenen Systemen ohne Verlust an Information ausgetauscht werden können. ODA beschreibt die Dokumentenstruktur. ODIF legt fest, wie ein nach ODA aufgebautes Dokument zur Übertragung auf einen Datenstrom abgebildet werden kann, wozu eine SGML-Notation verwendet wird.

ODA/ODIF: Short for Office Document Architecture / Office Document Interchange Format. An explicit document architecture and interchange format standard which allows exchange of compound documents (i.e., documents composed of various content types, such as character, raster graphics, and geometric (Computer) graphics content. The Open Document Architecture [ISO 8613] describes a system for marking up certain classes of documents so that they can be transferred between computer systems without loss of structural information. Both layout and content markup is supported. The mark up interpretation is to a considerable extent defined in the standard (particularly layout aspects) so that the appearance of a document is unambiguously transferred. In other words, documents are depicted as in-memory arrays called aggregates which can represent audio, graphics, text, video as well as the documents physical format, logical organisation and styling. ODIF [Office Document Interchange Forms] is included in the ODA standard because it defines the format of the data stream used to interchange documents.

Siehe: SGML